Mom's Easy Chicken & Dressing

In a large mixing bowl, mix together:

 1 recipe of crumbled cornbread prepared from mix, per pkg. directions.
 1 slices of bread that has been torn into pieces.

Lightly sauté and add to bread mixture:

 1/3 c  butter
 ½ c chopped green onion (including some green tops)
 ½ c finely chopped celery

Stir in:

 2  eggs (beaten)
 1 tsp.  Poultry Seasoning
 1/8 tsp Salt (or adjust to suit your taste)
 ¼ tsp  Sage (optional) or amount to suit your taste

Then add:

1 ¼ Broth  (can add more or less according to desired thickness – it will be thinner and thicken as baked and cooled)
* Note:  You can use broth from meat or canned broth.
This is good served with chicken, hen, turkey or pork or beef roast.

Place dressing in a buttered casserole, cover and bake 30-35 at 350 degrees.


Courtesy of Linda Voyles with Suzanne Cook and Company

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